Useful information

Monday to Friday sessions
8.45 to 11.45
12.45 to 3.45

Full day 8.45 to 3.45 children to provide own packed lunch

If your child does not qualify for funding or you go over your funded hours you will be charged at the following rate

£12 per session

£3 per lunch cover

Click here to fill the Pied Piper Pre School registration form online. Our staff will contact you to confirm your information.

we are able to offer 2 year funding, 15 hours universal funding and 30 hours extended funding.

We provide a snack twice a day, providing healthy eating, we take into account any special dietary needs. Children are entitled to 1/3 of a pint of milk a day and fresh drinking water is always available.

Pied Piper has a voluntary uniform which can be purchased through the pre-school at the following costs.

Sweatshirts £8.50

T-shirts £6

We do ask that children bring a change of shoes especially in bad weather. Please also provide a spare set of clothing in case of an accident.

Each child who attends Pied Piper pre-school is allocated a key worker who is responsible for recording the progress your child

makes. The system we use for this is Tapestry. Parents are able to view the online learning journal and are also given a print out of this as their child transitions to school.

We aim to promote a safe and secure environment to enable children to reach their full potential and become school ready. We promote equality and diversity and respect the needs of each child as an individual.

We work with outside agencies to give the children extra help should the need arise.

Sessions begin at 8.45am children to be brought into the main room on arrival. We provide a running snack from 10am to approx. 10.30am. Free flow outdoor play throughout the day session ends at 11.45am. Lunch is 12pm to approx. 12.30pm, Session starts at 12.45, running snack from 2pm to approx. 2.30pm

Free flow outdoor play throughout the day session ends at 3.45

We use Parent mail to relay any news and upcoming events.

Past fundraising events have included Raffles, cake sales, summer/winter fetes