We will work towards the Early Years Foundation Stage early learning goals set out by the Department of Education, and will ensure all our daily plans address all areas of the curriculum. By offering each child many different play experiences and activities we aim to give them the confidence and independence to cope with the next stage in their lives, whether that be starting school or spending another year in pre-school.

Our priority at the beginning of the school year is to settle the children into pre-school and each child given as much time and help they require. All staff will act in a calm, friendly and supportive way towards the children to ensure they feel safe and secure in their new environment.

Children will be observed regularly to ensure all new activities are offered in the most appropriate way, according to their developmental stage. All times staff will be flexible in their approach towards all aspects of pre-school life, monitoring and reassessing when needed.

We will provide a stimulating environment, changing wall and table displays regularly, and encouraging children to bring items from home. Parents and friends of the community will also be made to feel welcome and invited to share any knowledge, skills or interest with the children.

At all times staff will be aware of the groups Equal Opportunities Policy and will ensure all families are made to feel valued regardless of any special financial, physical, racial or cultural needs they may have.

Our craft activities will always have an adult available to give assistance when needed, but we aim to give the children the freedom to choose materials and express their own ideas.

We aim to provide children with as much physical activity as possible making full use of out covered outdoor ply surface, climbing frame, grass area, paths and gravel pit.

The children will be encouraged at all times to have consideration for themselves and for others in order to develop empathy and autonomy, so that they may feel proud of themselves and any group to which they belong